What is DecidApp?

DecidApp is software that makes it easy for professionals to create surveys and decision support tools like patient decision aids and prognostic risk tools. All DecidApp’s features are accessible through it’s simple user interface. That means no knowledge of coding is needed, making updates simple and seamless.

DecidApp's simple interface is highly customizable and full of features. DecidaApp lets you choose the features and look you need, so that you can create tools that meet the unique demands of any project.

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What can I use DecidApp for?

Determine user preferences with discrete choice experiments or best-worst scaling surveys that provide users with automatic feedback.
Communicate individualized risk and provided personalized risk predictions based on user characteristics and survey responses.
Create a decision aid that combines preferences and individualized risks to help users make the best choice for them.

What can DecidApp do for me?


Use our tools to make complex information easy to understand.


Tailor tools to fit your users.


Request and send features let you connect your tool seamlessly.


Learn new tricks and features from our Wiki and online community.


Request new features so your tools can grow with you .


What kinds of things are built with DecidApp?

Knee Replacement Risk Prediction Tool

Multiple Sclerosis Decision Aid

End of Life Preference Elicitation

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How can we help?

We can help you with:

  • Set-up: we will help you install and run DecidApp on your own servers
  • Templates: we can work with you to develop template decision tools
  • Refinement: we can help you decide which tools to use and when
  • Building Features: we can build custom functions and themes to meet your needs
  • Mobile Apps: we can build iOS and android apps to increase your audience

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